2018 Tulane Carnival Classic Results

This past weekend, the Tulane University Debate Team hosted the second annual Carnival Classic on campus in New Orleans. Four schools traveled to debate Tulane and each other in an open division of parliamentary debate competition which included a mix of varsity and novice debaters. A truly international competition, teams came from as far away as Windsor, Ontario, Canada to take part!

After five preliminary rounds and one round of eliminations, Morehouse College successfully defended their Carnival Classic title in both sweepstakes and the tournament, this year with a finals closeout of their top two teams. Congratulations to Morehouse and all the competitors who performed so well this weekend! Thanks to everyone for coming and we hope to see y’all next February!

Here are the results:

17 teams, 18 novice speakers, 5 schools

Top Novice Speakers (team) speaker points/ranks
10. Daniel Sherman (Abilene Christian PS) 130.6/16.3
9. Alex Olive (Cleveland State MO) 132.5/12.5
8. Hatim Mansori (Morehouse KM) 134/15
7. Cassidy Moon (Tulane MS) 134.5/15
6. Elizabeth Miller (Abilene Christian CM) 135/9
5. Mackenize Brown (Tulane BK) 136/11
4. Carisa Brawley (Abilene Christian BC) 139/7
3. Cam Kipper (Morehouse KM) 139.5/8
2. Madison Sullivan (Tulane MS) 140/8
1. Uma Kumar-Montei (Tulane BK) 141/7

Top Novice Teams (debaters) record, speaker points/ranks
5. Abilene Christian CM (Elizabeth Miller & Brittany Chapa) 2-3, 263/27

Breaking to Novice Finals:
4. Abilene Christian BC (Carisa Brawley & Arnold Charles) 2-3, 265.5/26

Winning Novice Finals on a 1-0 Decision:
3. Tulane MS (Madison Sullivan & Cassidy Moon) 2-3, 274.5/23

Breaking to Open Quarterfinals:
2. Morehouse KM (Cam Kipper & Hatim Mansori) 4-1, 273.5/23

Breaking to Open Semifinals:
1.Tulane BK (Uma Kumar-Montei & Mackenzie Brown) 4-1, 277/18

Top Speakers (team) speaker points/ranks
10. Christopher Hoffler (Tulane HW) 137.5/10
9. Caleb Holley (Morehouse HM) 138.5/8
8. Carisa Brawley (Abilene Christian BC) 139/7
7. Cam Kipper (Morehouse KM) 139.5/8
6. Madison Sullivan (Tulane MS) 140/8
5. Mati Baker (Morehouse BP) 140.5/12
4. Uma Kumar-Montei (Tulane BK) 141/7
3. Amir Price (Morehouse BP) 141.5/9
2. William Coggins (Morehouse CJ) 142/5
1. Johnny Holloway (Morehouse HN) 143/7

Top Teams (debaters) record, speaker points/ranks
10. Abilene Christian BC (Carisa Brawley & Arnold Charles) 2-3, 265.5/26
9. Tulane MS (Madison Sullivan & Cassidy Moon) 2-3, 274.5/23

Breaking to Quarterfinals:
8. Morehouse DM (Wes Matingou & Devon Dudley) 3-2, 270.5/23
7. Morehouse HM (Caleb Holley & Zach Manuel) 3-2, 273/21
6. Morehouse KM (Cam Kipper & Hatim Mansori) 4-1, 273.5/23
5. Tulane HW (Christopher Hoffler & Matthew Weber) 4-1, 274/23

Breaking to Semifinals:
4. Tulane BK (Uma Kumar-Montei & Mackenzie Brown) 4-1, 277/18
3. Morehouse CJ (William Coggins & Jacobi Jefferson) 4-1, 279/17

Closing Out Finals:
2. Morehouse BP (Amir Price & Mati Baker) 4-1, 282/21
1. Morehouse HN (Johnny Holloway maverick*) 4-1, 284.5/24

Sweepstakes for Visiting Schools:
3. Odette
2. Abilene Christian
1. Morehouse

Note: Due to many elimination round match-ups between teams from the same school, only one open elimination round was held. Morehouse HN defeated Tulane BK on a 3-0 decision in this semifinal round.

*Johnny Holloway’s partner, Lanarion Norwood, was severely ill throughout the tournament, so Johnny was allowed to compete as a maverick. We wish Lanarion a speedy recovery!

Motion Fairness
Here are the resolutions debated this weekend, with Gov-Opp wins on each topic:

Round 1: This house opposes offering tax breaks as an incentive to specific corporations. (5-3)
Round 2: This house values privacy above security. (3-5)
Round 3: This house supports the creation of a Kurdish nation. (4-4)
Round 4: This house believes that cryptocurrencies will do more good than harm. (2-6)
Round 5: This house would ban factory farming. (2-6)
Open Semifinals/Novice Finals: This house believes that the 2018 Winter Olympics should bar all athletes from Russia. (0-2)

Debaters from Tulane pose with awards after the Tulane Carnival Classic. Left to right: Christopher Hoffler, Jeremy Evans, Charlie Mendoza, Alex Clayton, Kitha Neelavar, Matthew Weber, Madison Sullivan, Uma Kumar-Montei, Cassidy Moon, Mackenzie Brown, Claire Kueffner, Claire Wynne, and Storey Clayton.